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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) is a one-hour outpatient surgical procedure designed to enhance sexual gratification. Sexual gratification is directly related to the amount of frictional forces generated. We can accomplish this with LVR®. LVR® is the modification of a gynecological surgical procedure used for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Our laser techniques result in gentle precision procedures with controlled accuracy that results in relatively bloodless surgery. Our pioneered techniques result in rapid healing and resumption of daily activities in a short period of time.

Aguirre Specialty Care Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, founder and director of Aguirre Specialty Care, is a fellowship-trained urogynecologist who leads a highly-qualified staff in providing expert, state-of-the-art urogynecological care. Learn More...

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Common Procedures
  • Laser Reduction Labiaplasty – With this labia reduction technique, we can sculpture the elongated or unequal labial minora (small inner lips) according to one’s specifications. Most women tell us that they do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips. This type of labioplasty can also be used to treat conditions related to aging, childbirth trauma, or injury.
  • Laser Reduction Labiaplasty with Reduction of Excess Prepuce – In this type of labia reduction surgery, the excess skin along the sides of the clitoris is also reduced. This allows the skin to drape neatly over the clitoris, providing the desired aesthetic enhancement. Most women having laser reduction labioplasty also need this reduction of excess prepuce for a unified aesthetic result.
  • Laser Perineoplasty – This process is intended to rejuvenate the relaxed or aging perineum. It can also enhance the sagging labia majora (large outer lips) and labia minora. Overall, the procedure can provide a youthful and aesthetically appealing vulva.
  • Augmentation Labioplasty – This type of labia surgery can provide aesthetically enhanced and youthful labia majora via autologous fat transplant (removal of the patient’s fat via liposculpturing and transplanting it into the labia majora).
  • Vulvar Lipoplasty – This form of vaginal cosmetic surgery can remove unwanted fat from the mons pubis and upper parts of the labia majora. Liposculpturing can alleviate the unsightly fatty bulges of this area and produce an aesthetically pleasing contour.
  • Hymenoplasty – In this procedure we can reconstruct the hymen, as if nothing ever occurred. LVR Institute of Michigan is sensitive to the needs of women from all cultures who request this procedure for cultural, social or religious reasons.
  • Combination of DLV with LVR – LVR and DLV vagina surgery can be performed together for ultimate rejuvenation and aesthetic enhancement. They can also be performed with most standard cosmetic surgical procedures, including liposculpturing, breast implants, breast reduction, tummy tuck, nose surgery, and eyelid surgery.
Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) will effectively enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. It will also effectively decrease the internal and external vaginal diameters, as well as build up and strengthen the perineal body (see figure below). In vaginal relaxation, the muscles are relaxed and have poor tone, strength, and control. The internal and external diameters increase. The muscles of the perineum are weak and poorly supported. Under these circumstances, the vagina is no longer at its optimum physiological state. As a result, the sensual side of sexual gratification is diminished. LVR® was designed to enhance sexual gratification for women who, for whatever reason, lack an overall optimum architectural integrity of the vagina.

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Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Dr. Aguirre
Dr. Aguirre is the Director of Aguirre Specialty Care, The Center for Female Pelvic Medicine. Dr. Aguirre is also a member of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America.
The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America is founded and directed by Dr. David L. Matlock.

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