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Colorado Vaginoplasty

Colorado Vaginoplasty is the aesthetic enhancement of vulvar structures utilizing laser surgery techniques. Vulvar structures include the external lips (labia majora), the internal lips (labia minora), mons pubis (area over the pubic bone), perineum (area between the vagina and anus), and the introitus (opening of the vagina). Colorado Vaginoplasty is for women who feel that aesthetic enhancement of their vulvar or vaginal anatomy would improve their sexual self- image thereby increasing sexual enjoyment.

Although our experience and techniques provide us with the ability to aesthetically enhance the vulvar or vaginal anatomy in almost any way that one may desire, our most common Colorado Vaginoplasty procedures are as follows:

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Laser Reduction Labioplasty (of the labia minora) can sculpture the elongated or unequal labia minora (small inner lips) according to ones specification. Most women tell us that they do not want the small inner lips to project beyond the large outer lips. Many women bring us pictures from magazines such as Playboy and show us how they want to look. With Colorado Vaginoplasty - laser reduction labioplasty, we can accomplish the desires of the woman.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Reduction of Excess prepuce (excess skin along the sides of the clitoris) Women tell us that they want the skin to drape neatly over the clitoris. The reduction of the excess prepuce provides the desired aesthetic enhancement of the clitoral skin. The majority of women having laser reduction labioplasty need the reduction of excess prepuce for a complete aesthetic result

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Laser Reduction Labioplasty with combined reduction of the thickness of the labia minora. Some women note that due to childbirth, aging, or genetics the labia minora are too wide or thick. .A combined reduction of the labia minora along with the thickness, can be accomplished with Colorado Vaginoplasty - laser reduction labioplasty and provide the desired aesthetic look.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Removal of the hyperpigmented ends of the labia minora thorough Colorado Vaginoplasty - laser reduction labioplasty this can be accomplished. Some women do not like the hyperpigmented ends of the labia minora. They desire to have a uniform coloration throughout.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Laser Reduction Labioplasty® of the labia majora (large outer lips). The large protruding or sagging labia majora can be aesthetically sculptured by one of three Colorado Vaginoplasty - laser methods to produce an aesthetically pleasing result. This sagging process can result from childbirth weight gain/weight loss or aging. Our Colorado Vaginoplasty - laser reduction labioplasty will restore that youthful look and feel.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Laser Perineoplasty can rejuvenate the relaxed or aging vulvar introitus (vaginal opening), labia minora, labia majora and perineum (area immediately outside the vagina and above the anus) to provide that youthful, aesthetic look and feel of the vulvar structures.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Our Laser Labioplasty techniques can also be used to reconstruct conditions that are due to the aging process, vulvar trauma/injury, or childbirth trauma.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Augmentation Labioplasty of the labia majora via autologus fat transfer (your own fat). Some women feel that the labia majora are too flat or small and they want them augmented or enhanced according to their specifications. This can be done by removing as small amount of fat via liposculpturing from a particular area such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs. The fat is then processed and a small amount is injected into the fat of the labia majora. This provides a beautiful and natural enhancement of the labia majora.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Vulvar Liposculpturing can completely remove the unsightly fatty bulges of the mons pubis (pubic area) and labia majora. The fatty accumulations in these structures produce clothing and undergarment, and bathing suit irregularity and buldges. In some cases it can prevent women from wearing clothing of their choice. Colorado Vaginoplasty - Vulvar liposculpturing will aesthetically enhance, reduce and define the structures.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Combination of LVR® and LVR®: All of the Colorado Vaginoplasty procedures can be performed in combination with LVR®.

Colorado Vaginoplasty - Overall the laser procedures can woman- overview- combination.jpgrovide youthful and aesthetically appealing vulva structures (labia majora, labia minora, introitus, perineum and mons pubis).

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Dr. Aguirre is the Director of Aguirre Specialty Care, The Center for Female Pelvic Medicine. Dr. Aguirre is also a member of the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America.
The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America is founded and directed by Dr. David L. Matlock.

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